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Hi! I’m Leah Stevenson

I help women entrepreneurs and bloggers grow their blogs and business with Pinterest. I also enjoy drinking iced cappuccinos and playing video games in my spare time

Leah Stevenson

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Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2022?

Is Blogging still relevant in 2022? Blogging does have its benefits as marketing strategies are ever-changing in the online world. Some lose their effectiveness; others evolve into more complex ideas and new strategies arise. With this ever-changing landscape of...

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10 On-Page SEO Tips to Implement Today

This is a useful checklist of on-page SEO tips to ensure that you don’t miss any search engine optimization ideas for your web pages. Each page should be set up to have as many of these ideas implemented as possible. If you do this for every page on your website,...

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10 Off-Page SEO Tips to Implement Today

When you build a website, you have work to do both on your site and off your website to improve search engine optimization and help you gain more website traffic. Off-page SEO depends on your on-page SEO being set up first. It’s imperative to ensure your site works...

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