You’ve likely heard it in social media groups that some marketers aren’t using email at all. This is a huge mistake. Stats back up the fact that email offers an average 38 times return on investment. 

  1. Improves SEO – When you send valuable information with a link to your website, a portion of your email subscribers will click it. That means that you’re going to bring traffic back to your site and give them another opportunity to answer your CTAs. 
  1. Builds Excitement – An email can work to bring your fans to you for anything you want to do, whether it’s a webinar, a live event, or a launch that you’re doing in three weeks. You can use the messages to build up excitement about anything with your audience. 
  1. Big ROI – The return on email marketing is enormous. As mentioned above, most marketers are reporting a 38 to 1 return on investment. That means that for every dollar they are spending on email marketing efforts, they see a 38-dollar return. Of course, you need to be using the best practices to get this type of return.
  1. Preferred Communication Method – Most people prefer to communicate with businesses via email over calling them. For this reason, ensure that your customer care ticketing system works well so that you don’t miss anything. 
  1. Drives Conversions — Using email marketing drives conversions. Most customers need between 8 and 14 touchpoints before they finally choose whether to buy or not. Attracting buyers to your email list gives you a chance to create more touchpoints. 
  1. Works with Other Methods – Email marketing works well in conjunction with social media marketing and content marketing. The symbiotic relationship between them makes email marketing an imperative since you don’t own social media platforms. 
  1. Fosters Credibility – Your email marketing can make you seem more legitimate than if you did not have an email list. After all, this is one way you can tell everyone about your sales and about your ideas, and provide education on a personal basis that feels one-on-one. 
  1. Builds Relationships – Sending emails to your audience as often as possible that provides valuable education and insight into their problems will build relationships fast.
  1. Boosts Sales – Because your audience needs from 8 to 14 touchpoints with you before buying, email marketing will increase sales. It’s a chance to educate and build your audience up to buying without pressure. 
  1. Easy – With the fantastic software that exists today, email marketing is easy to implement. Many autoresponder systems are usable by anyone, even if you don’t have experience. For example, is very easy, inexpensive, and most people don’t find it so feature-rich that they can’t figure it out.  

Remember that just because a guru says it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Be careful who you listen to. Look at the facts through the numbers before making up your mind. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing we’ve ever had, and outperforms social media every time, when done right.