Some people try to say that Facebook is over as a marketing tool for business. But the facts don’t back up that idea at all. Facebook has over a billion active users. Your audience is there even though they don’t want you to find them there. 

Well, at least they’ll claim that, but the response is so significant on Facebook that every single big business is using it. When a big business uses a platform, you can bet there is a reason. See for yourself if these eight benefits of using Facebook as a small business are correct. 

  1. All Your Customers Use It 

Everyone you know is probably on Facebook. You may have one or two friends holding out against the corporate giant, but most people are using it because it’s fun, easy, and they like to socialize. Even though people are there to enjoy themselves, you can use the information you have about your audience to target them, attract them, and delight them.

  1. The Cost Is Low 

It’s free to join and use Facebook. Advertisements aren’t even that expensive in the scheme of things. All you need is time, knowledge about your audience and your business, and a plan of action. 

  1. Build Your Email List Fast

Using Facebook to build your email list is one of the best ways to use it. Share information with your audience, provide many freebies, link them to valuable content on your website, and run ads for your next lead magnet so that they sign up for your list.

  1. Target Your Audience Expertly and Easily 

Facebook, through its advertising network, offers amazing targeting capabilities that you can’t beat. Even if you have no experience running ads, you can set up one quickly and inexpensively through their system. Try boosting your next post. If the post has a compelling CTA, it’ll pay off.

  1. Promote Brand Awareness 

Most of the activity you do on social media is designed to bring brand awareness to your company. Using Facebook as another means to an end is truly a no-brainer. Ensure that your profile and updates match your branding so that everyone knows it’s you.

  1. Learn More about Your Audience 

An exciting feature on a business page on Facebook is the insights you can get. You can learn so much about your audience through the insights offered that will help you –not just with marketing on Facebook but also with marketing your business in general. 

  1. Engage More Easily with Your Audience 

Facebook is a meaningful way to engage with your audience. Cross-promote your Facebook groups and profiles to bring your audience to Facebook for better engagement. Make it fun by incentivizing your audience to like, share, and comment on Facebook. 

  1. Get Website Traffic 

Don’t forget to use Facebook to send traffic back to your website. After all, social media platforms are simply a tool to use to build traffic and get more backlinks to your website where your business lives. 

Your audience is using Facebook. Because of that fact, you need to be using it too to promote your small business. Set up a business page connected to your personal profile and start growing your business in a low-cost and effective way.

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