Facebook is an excellent place to sign up so that you can market your business. It is a social network that pretty much every person uses, with few exceptions. Even people who claim to hate Facebook use it because everyone is there. And because everyone is there, you can successfully market your business on Facebook.

  1. Create a Business Page 

Don’t promote your business using your personal Facebook profile, even if you’re a life coach. Whether you like it or not, the way Facebook is set up is that you first need a personal profile that you connect to a business page. This is how it’s done. Therefore, keep that in mind, but create a business page that reflects the type of business you have.

  1. Use a Vanity URL 

On Facebook, after you set up your page, you get to choose a vanity URL that will be Facebook.com/yourvanityurl. Give this some thought so that you have several ideas to use when you’re setting up the profile, because some of them might be taken. Since the URL is unique, you may need to get creative. Make it easy to remember and match your business. 

  1. Upload Your Best Professional Photo and Cover Photo

Don’t skimp on the profile picture and the cover photo. One way to create the right size of graphics is to use Canva.com. Canva has templates so that you don’t have to memorize the right size yourself. Make sure to read the terms of service and rules on Facebook for these aspects of your business.

  1. Optimize Your About Section 

When you set up a business page, you get to write about your business. Use this section as you would any about section. Make it about your business through the eyes of your ideal audience. Use the right keywords and information inside the allotted space.

  1. Set Up Facebook AI Messages

Business pages have an option now to use Facebook AI automatically. You can answer the questions you will give your connections, and it’ll automatically communicate with your audience when they ask questions. 

  1. Choose a CTA Button 

You also get to choose a CTA button. Set up a landing page on your website just for your Facebook audience so that when they do click through, it feels specific to them and not generic. You should offer a lead magnet and useful information to anyone who clicks through. 

  1. Update Often but Choose Quality over Quantity 

Don’t leave your status updates empty on your business page. Instead, set up automation so that at least one post goes out every day. Also, make sure you share information more than once a day, at different times. The way Facebook algorithms work, not all of your audience sees everything every time unless they have a habit of visiting your page specifically. 

  1. Share All Your Content 

If you put content on your blog, you should share it on Facebook. You can use software like Hootsuite.com to automate this process. Once you set it up, everything will be shared. If you ensure you are setting up the meta information right inside your blog, it’ll compel people to click. 

  1. Post Compelling Visual Content 

Most people like seeing pretty pictures, and your Facebook audience is no different. Ensure that the images you post with your content are attractive, advance the meaning of the content, and make them curious enough to click through. 

Marketing your business on Facebook is a very effective way to promote your business, whether it’s a digital business or a storefront. Whether you’re shooting for more website traffic or foot traffic, you can use Facebook for marketing your business inexpensively and quickly.