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Seven Easy-to-Implement Customer Retention Strategies

What’s better than gaining new customers? Not surprisingly, it's keeping existing customers. A 5% increase in customer retention rates increases profits by 25-100% across most industries. And studies show that keeping existing customers is cheaper than gaining new...

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Tracking Your Online Reputation

You’ve built a solid website for your business. Fantastic! It’s easy to think you have everything under control. An article here and there, a few posts on your social media profiles and your online reputation will take care of itself. Unfortunately, that’s not the...

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Building High-Quality Links Like a Pro

You’ve created content that people are looking for, which solves your audience’s pain points, and which the search engines understand. However, this alone doesn’t mean your content will rank.  To outrank other sites offering the same qualities, you must establish...

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How to Build Credibility through Email Marketing

Every marketer’s dream is to send out emails to hot prospects and get a flood of positive responses. And although technology has changed how consumers buy, the human brain hasn’t changed, so this dream is possible.  Our brains respond the same way they did a...

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