It seems the current popular advice for growing your business is, “You need a coach,” and you’ll see dozens of people hanging up their coaching hat, advertising for clients. There are different types of coaches to help elevate your business, which area do you need a coach to help you grow your business?

But the term “coach” is extremely broad and general so the key to hiring the right coach is knowing what you’re looking for and what TYPE of coach to hire. After all, you wouldn’t hire a college basketball coach to bring the school’s football team to a bowl game, would you?

There are different types of coaches and every coach has their own niche – much like your business serves a particular niche – and within those niches, every coach has their own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at some of those niches in full detail.

Mindset Coaches

Mindset coaches focus on your brain’s mindset, how you think and feel about your business and your life; and how to turn any negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Mindset coaches do not solely focus on business; if you’re unhappy with any aspect of your life, a mindset coach can help you figure out your dreams and help you achieve them. Some mindset coaches are licensed psychotherapists while others are certified coaches.

Confidence Coaches

These coaches empower their clients who struggle with limiting beliefs and shyness. Again, they are not focused solely on business owners; absolutely anyone who wants to combat negative self-talk and increase their own self-esteem can hire a confidence coach.

Some confidence coaches are licensed life coaches or have other degrees in addition to their coaching certifications.

Public Speaking Coaches

There’s much more to public speaking than reading PowerPoint slides verbatim. Public speaking coaches are skilled communicators who can analyze the effectiveness of your presentation; give hints about diction and enunciation, as well as give tips for making your presentation more engaging or entertaining.

These speaking coaches can also help you combat your stage fright.

Writing Coaches

We all know the basics of writing from our elementary school days but writing is not a talent that comes easily to everyone. Whether you need some critiques for your blog posts or want to get input of how to outline your book, writing coaches are language experts who often specialize in a certain niche – book publishing, travel writing, food writing, etc. – who can help you convey your information in a more effective way to your audience.

Branding and Visibility Coaches

Branding is so much more than your logo and your business colors. Branding coaches will help you develop your company brand – or your company image – and will help you gain the visibility (publicity) that you need to build name recognition.

Branding coaches have a firm understanding of how to convey your message to your audience and how to keep your business image positive.

Business Coach

When running an online business, I find that you don’t necessarily need a diploma or degree to have your own business from home or while travelling the world. But I do find that you will eventually need to work with a business coach.

Most of the business coaches I have met and connected with online do have a degree of some kind, like a business degree or a psychology degree, or are a certified coach. 

They also have a lot of experience, years of experience, in running and owning a business. They’ve overcome challenges, invested a lot of money, and made a lot of money. 

They will teach and show you how to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner. They will inspire and motivate you to work harder and smarter towards your goals. 

The hard part is putting in the work to become successful because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. And can be a little scary investing a large amount of money in a coach not knowing if you will become successful or not.

So before you work with a coach, do your research, ask others who have worked with the coach you are interested in working with.

Who I would recommend

When I was in the earlier stages of my business, I joined challenges on Facebook where I met a couple of different business coaches. I also couldn’t afford to work with them at the time. 

I did try to get financial help from my community to work with one I had signed up with. I did not receive any financial help and it was a little embarrassing and disheartening that I had to withdraw from her coaching services because I did not have money or financial aid of any kind to afford her services.

I am thankful and grateful that there were no harsh repercussions from not being able to hold up to my part of the contract with her and would like to work with her in the future. Her name is Sherina Mayani.

I was eventually able to work with a different business coach though at a more affordable rate. I did not get as much out of it as I had hoped though because I did not put as much attention and effort into her teachings. I was either too busy or too tired from all the other part-time jobs I had at the time. I would like to work with her again, her name is Nicole Liloia.

I had 3 other part-time jobs to help fund investments into my business goals like courses, ebooks, social media programs, and coaching. I left 2 of them after I got burned out a few times.

The next coach I’m working with is one of my clients and is a dear friend of mine, Neelam Rai. She is an Angelic Master Healer, Soulful Business, Lifestyle, and Prosperity Mentor. I learned a lot about manifestation and spirituality. I learned how to trust my intuition more and unblock different energy blocks that are slowing down my progress towards my goals. She is also helping me heal my right eye where I have gotten an unusual inflammation that affected my vision in the fall of 2019.

I have also joined Sheedia Jansen’s monthly program, although it says it’s for coaches I asked if other women business owners can join and she said yes. She has a couple of courses in there, one for Pinterest I think you should check out and is affordable.

Other coaches I would like to work with in the future are Joy Bufalini, I chatted with her a few times and she offered me to try one of her workbooks for free.

Another one is Kathrin Zenkina, I find it fascinating all the things she manifested in her life.

Have you worked with a coach online? If you have, who have you worked with? Can you share your experiences below or have a blog post with your experiences to share?