Define Your Happiness with a Vision Board

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What does happiness mean to you? A lot of people might say that it’s a feeling of joy or contentment, but what does that look like in your life? If you don’t have a specific picture in mind, it can be tough to achieve. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how to make a happiness vision board – a visual representation of the life you want to live, full of all the things that make you happy, or goals you want to achieve. Ready to get started?

When was the last time you dreamed? I don’t mean when you woke up from a weird Alice-in-Wonderland-type dream; when was the last time you had BIG dreams of what you wanted to do or where you wanted to go? What motivates you to move forward in your business, other than the need to pay bills?

So often solopreneurs forget about the big picture of why they started their business and they get burnt out after putting so much concentrated focus on their daily business tasks. It happens, that after accomplishing some goals and getting some of the things I wanted, there would be times when I wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore.

I find that Neelam Rai’s 5-Step Angelic Ritual to Start Attracting Money & Abundance helped me reach several of my goals. I was able to cross off some of the things I wanted and wasn’t sure what I wanted after I had the things I’ve gotten.

Looking back to my happiness vision board and goal notebook helps remind me of my other goals and the things I want.


Do you have anything to look forward to while growing your business? What’s your ultimate goal?

Remember, there are no wrong answers here but there should absolutely be some answers. If not, it’s time to define what makes you happy and what will motivate you to move forward and grow your business. 

Define Your Goals

Think about what you want simply by asking yourself some questions and be specific and detailed when answering these questions:

  • Where do you want to be with your business in the next year? In 5 years? In 10 years?
  • How much money do you want to make in these same time frames?
  • Do you want to hire employees or a virtual team?
  • What services or products do you want to offer your clients?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What’s on that bucket list?

For example, I want to work with a virtual team in my business in the near future. One person will be a copywriter that will help improve my current content and help create new content. Another member will specialize in making and editing tutorial videos I plan to create more on topics related to my business. 

Why do I want to complete this goal? It will help me create more content faster and earn more money by repurposing the content into different formats like a paid program or product. I can add more affiliate links and opportunities too to increase affiliate income. 

Why do I want to have more money? I want to be financially secure, purchase the things I want, help more people in my community, and charities for wildlife.

When will I work with a virtual team? When I start earning $3,000 a month consistently with more than one income source, I want to be able to afford their services before I work with them.

If we put a timeframe on this and steps to take toward this goal, it can help us stay on track to achieving it. Having a vision board with images and inspirational quotes (like the ones I showed above) is also helpful and a nice reminder to look at each day.

I’ve also seen some gurus online say they are motivated to earn more because then they are able to give more to their favourite charities and causes that are close to their hearts. 

Again, there are no wrong answers when defining your goals. It’s more important to have them defined so you know when you reach those goals so you can find something new to achieve.

Create a Vision Board for Daily Motivation

I like creating vision boards or a happiness vision board because they are visual reminders of what you want to achieve. They also serve as a daily reminder of what makes you happy and they are meant to give you motivation when you just don’t feel like working that day. 

Take those answers to your goals questions and find a visual representation for each one. Most people use old magazine pictures and paste them on a piece of poster board. Go digital and use online photos to paste into a Word document. Take notice of photos that catch your eye, even if it doesn’t specifically answer a goal question. There’s something that attracted your subconscious to the photo so it’s worth posting on your vision board. 

Post your vision board prominently in your office or as your computer wallpaper so you can see it every day. And remember that action is mandatory in order to reach those goals.

To know what action to take, you can break your goals into smaller pieces and into a step-by-step process. After that, schedule it in a planner and calendar and stick to it, working on your goals little by little each day.

Tumblr and Instagram for inspiration

Another place to find inspiration and motivation to work toward your goals are social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram. I found that people use these websites as motivation and to stay accountable for their studies in their education and goals. They are called studyblrs (a combination of study and Tumblr), and they also post their content on Instagram. 

Although their content is more about academic education, their content helped me stay on track towards my goals. I like the pictures they post of their study areas, like beautiful scenery, a desk with nice stationery supplies, and how they use their planners. 

The planners they used were sometimes called bullet journals. And they would share tips on how to study, stay motivated, and resources related to their interests (like botany).


As you can see, it takes more than just writing down your goals in order to reach them. You need to be specific so you know which steps to take. You need to be able to see it, to help you believe it and remind you to keep going. You need to keep track of your progress so you know what you completed and celebrate these victories.

Do you have a happiness vision board? Where do you keep it? I keep mine in my room above my computer and where I can see it when I wake up in the morning 🙂

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