Where to find free online courses

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These are free online courses but some have certifications that are not free. You can take the course, do the assignments, and tests, but if you want the certificate or diploma of completion, you’ll have to pay for that. The certificate or diploma can cost around $75 and up.

Although the certificate is not free, I still encourage you to check out these free online courses and websites, I’m sure you’ll find something that meets your interest.

Websites that offer free online courses.

EdX – Has university-level courses. You can take courses in computer programming, business, and management, finance, science, and learn different languages. The only things you have to pay for if decide to are the certificate or diploma.

Coursera – Similar to Edx, it has numerous courses you can take in various subjects and earn a certificate or diploma which you do have to pay for if want said certificate or diploma in the subject you’re studying.

Alison – This is similar to Edx and Coursera.

Codecademy – is where you can learn how to code in different programming languages.

FutureLearn – Has a wide range of courses in various subjects such as science, history, business, and business.

Udacity – Udacity mostly has program and development courses like programming and machine learning. Some courses are free, some are not.

Udemy – Has a wide variety of courses in different subjects. Some are free, some are not but are very affordable. You can also become an instructor yourself at this website and earn some income.

Craftsy – Just like the name there are courses on crafts and cooking at Craftsy. Some courses are free, other courses you have to purchase and the prices can range from $13 and up.

Duolingo – You can learn a new language for free.

Free courses by bloggers and entrepreneurs

Starting a Profitable Blog – a free course on how to start a blog by Carly Campbell of Mommy of Purpose.

Legally Blogs – a free legal course for bloggers and entrepreneurs by Lucrezia of Blogging for New Bloggers.

Websites that have educational articles or videos.

TED – Their website and Youtube channel have a lot of educational and inspirational content for you to check out.

Lifewire Tech Untangled – has lots of tips and information on consumer electronics.

ThoughtCo. – has educational articles on history, science, and art.

Tools and resources to help you practice or study.

Daily Grammar – Has lots of tips and exercises to improve your grammar. I used this website to help me with creating transcriptions.

Purdue Online Writing Lab – has a lot of resources on writing to help improve your writing style. You can learn to write a resume and cover letter here as well.

Typing Master – Has different typing practise products to help improve your typing speed and accuracy. I usually click on TypingTrainer and it’s free.

Blender – A free software to experiment and create 3D models and art.

Always learn something new and improve your new skills

Learn a new skill that you can use towards your goals, like building an online business and providing a service with the skills that you learned like graphic design.

I will be continuously adding to this list when I discover more learning resources. I also have another post related to this one, it’s about paid courses where I share my feedback on them and which ones I would recommend for others to take.

Do you know of any other free online courses or learning resources I can add to this list? Leave a comment down below to let me know and thanks for reading 🙂