Email lists outperform social media marketing. Because of that fact, it’s imperative that you use social media the right way. You want to use social media to bring traffic to your site so that you can grow your email list. 

After all, social media is just another marketing tool. For this reason, these ideas don’t just work on LinkedIn but will work for any social media to grow your email list – even if terms might be slightly different. 

  • Create a Complete Profile – When you create your profiles on LinkedIn, don’t skimp. There is a lot of information to fill out. Go through what’s there and then create a plan that enables you to fill every single part of the profile with information that attracts your audience. 
  • Create Both a Personal and a Company Profile – On LinkedIn, you can create a personal profile and once you do that, you can create a company profile too. You’ll want to create both so that you can more easily market your business by developing that business branding and profile fully. 
  • Start and Participate in Groups – LinkedIn offers the ability for members to start or participate in groups. Remember that you want to participate in groups where your audience hangs out. If you start a group, make it centered on your audience, not your colleagues. 
  • Publish Useful Articles and Relevant Status Updates Regularly – On LinkedIn, you can publish two types of information. You can post status updates, which you’re familiar with as most social networks offer that ability, and you have articles. Publish status updates a few times a day and post an article at least once a week. Don’t forget your CTA.
  • Invite Both Blog Readers and LinkedIn Readers to Connect with You – Cross-promote your blog and your LinkedIn profile. Ask people to join you and connect with you in the articles you publish on both platforms. 
  • Tell Readers about Your Email Newsletter – Whenever you get the opportunity, tell your readers about your email newsletter. Let them know by offering an incentive aside from the smart information you publish in the newsletter to get them to sign up. If you don’t inform your audience about your list, they won’t join. 
  • Send New Connections a Lead Magnet – When someone connects with you on LinkedIn, send them a gift. When they go to the site to download the freebie, they’ll be prompted to enter their email address. 
  • Publish a Compelling SlideShare – Any blog post with multiple points can be turned into a SlideShare. Add a SlideShare to the system to give another way for people to connect with you and consume your information. 
  • Run Remarketing Ads for Your Gated Content – One exciting way to move people to your list on LinkedIn is to run remarketing ads right on LinkedIn to people who have visited your website before. Showcase your gated content so that it requires an email to sign up. 

The most significant factor in growing your list is to create more touchpoints that enable your readers to sign up for it. Any opportunity to encourage your audience to click through and sign up will be met with at least one or two new additions to your list. With consistency, this can add up to a lot of new list members. And, as you know, the money is in the list.