Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2022?

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Is Blogging still relevant in 2022? Blogging does have its benefits as marketing strategies are ever-changing in the online world. Some lose their effectiveness; others evolve into more complex ideas and new strategies arise. With this ever-changing landscape of techniques, you might be wondering if blogging is still worth doing. Well, it depends.

The question shouldn’t be if blogging is still relevant in general, but whether or not it is still relevant to your business. Why? Because there are always new up-and-coming trends in blogging every other day and if you do not keep up, you will be outdated.

Blogs are a great way of engaging readers, giving them information, and growing trust, and it is a really great way to rank your website on search engines.

With that in mind do you still feel like blogging will still be relevant? Here are some statistics that will help you determine how relevant blogging will be in 2022.

Statistics about blogging

More than half of the medium-sized businesses in North America have not provided a contact form on their website or a faq page to quickly find answers to your questions.

As a new business or a business whose aim is to grow a contact form is important. You need to give potential clients a way to reach you.

They may have questions that they need answering – a contact form is a great way to get feedback, suggestions, and views from your clients.

Grow your audience and attract new clients

Over 65.5% of business-to-business marketers attract new clients and potential clients through blogging in comparison to those who do not use blogging as a marketing strategy.

Marketers not only aim to inform and engage, but they want to get leads through their blogs. Blog posts are a powerful tool when it comes to marketing.

You can show them step by step on how to do something like creating a digital download to grow their email list or give a review of a premium drag-and-drop WordPress Theme like the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

Growing your website traffic with SEO

Through the use of SEO optimization, blogging will help your business to rank higher in search engines or social media platforms that have search engines like Youtube and Pinterest.

SEO and the right keywords will help your business be more visible on the internet. You have to use keywords that are relevant and that users will probably use to find you. Your content has to be engaging enough to keep the audience on your page.

To learn more about SEO you can check out these posts How to conduct keyword research and Search Engine Optimization for 2022.

The reliability of blog posts

Over 80% of people using the internet consider information on blog posts reliable as most of them are by people who either have the credentials or experience in the topic or product they are talking about.

And personally, I don’t think some things need or have actual credentials as there is no actual education or certificate programs for certain things like becoming a Virtual Assistant in post-secondary programs.

But you do need experience or have taken a course in something related to what you specialize in. And you need to show that you can do what you say you can do. You can share your experience and show your skills through your blog.

Again, I don’t think you need a certificate or credentials to give reviews on something that you use at home or in business. For example, a mother giving a review on a car seat or a person using a scheduling tool like Tailwind.

A lot of people surf the internet in search of information. Although some posts are repetitive and give almost similar information, they can still give you value and are given from different points of view.

They can also still give the reader a variety of options to choose from and assure them about the question that they need is answered. Every business and entrepreneur should make sure to give value and quality content to their audience.

Millions of readers

Statista carried out a survey in the year 2015 which went on to show that at the minimum a blog was posted every day on the internet. By the year 2022 bloggers in North America are speculated to attract more than 31.7M readers.

The same survey went on to show that in 5 years (which is 2020 in this case) there will be a rise in people who read blogs due to how popular blogging has become.

With the above statistics do you still think blogging will be relevant in 2022? You be the judge.


So, the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. It really depends on your business and what you are trying to accomplish with your blog. However, if done correctly and strategically, blogging can be an extremely valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes in 2022 and beyond.

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