No amount of advice or “how-to” information is going to do any good without taking action. You could become an expert on setting up websites or be the best writer in the world. If you don’t start putting yourself out there, it will all be meaningless.

Learning new skills is the easy part. Putting them into action is another story. Sometimes, we can delay doing so due to the fear of failure. But, an even more subtle problem, is the fear of success. When we take action and succeed, we no longer have an excuse. We proved to ourselves and the world that we could do it.

Fear of success may seem like a good problem to have, but it can be just as debilitating as the fear of failure. In fact, because it is subtle, it makes it an even worse situation for people to find themselves in.

Waiting for the perfect moment

Another reason for not taking action is that people want everything to be perfect before doing so. For instance, starting an online business. You’ll feel like you need to have everything before launching your business like a website, a presence on all social media platforms, or several months or a year of experience. 

It took me a year before I felt ready to launch my own online business and I turned down so many other opportunities to grow because I felt I wasn’t ready. Opportunities like podcast interviews and joint ventures. 

Sometimes, you just have to go for it, whatever that happens to be. There is such a thing as over planning. If you wait too long, your competitors are going to pounce on the opportunity and steal it from you. Also, you will find other solutions after you have implemented your initial plans. You may not have found those solutions if you had waited, as they only presented themselves by you taking action.

Failure is your best teacher

If you look at the profiles of your idols, you will find failure is prevalent. They will also describe why they failed, and how they used that as opportunities towards their success. The media only highlights their successes. They make it seem as though the successful people started their ventures out with no roadblocks. However, their profiles tell a different story.

One day, your profile may tell the story of your failures. You may even specify how you were afraid of success. This could help others who read your profile to overcome that problem before it derails them. Don’t be surprised if you receive a note from them thanking you for helping.

Continuously strengthening your mindset 

When you start taking action and working toward your goals, you will have to also continuously work on your mindset. Your mindset can hold you back from moving forward with different fears like fear of success, fear of failing, feeling like you’re not ready. 

And as strange as it is, when you start becoming successful and earning money with your business or blog, you may feel like you don’t deserve receiving things for your efforts. Your goal may be to earn $5,000 monthly, but you may feel like a fraud or that you shouldn’t earn as much for doing something that seems so easy or is easy for you. 

But it is okay to be successful, it is okay to receive money for your work, that you can have the amount of money that you desire.

Connecting with others in your niche can help ease and overcome these mindset obstacles. For example, a Facebook group for bloggers, or Facebook group for women entrepreneurs. You can also work with a mindset coach or teacher, to guide you and teach you how to strengthen your mindset. 

Do you work with a mindset coach or teacher? How do you overcome mindset blocks that hindering your progress towards your goals?

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