When you’re blogging and on social media, you’re going to want to add images to your content to make them more enticing to your audience. You can use stock photos and edit them to your style.

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Tips and advice when adding images to your content

You can take photos for yourself and make some adjustments with Photoshop or Picmonkey. But if you are a beginner with photography you can improve your skills by reading and learning from other photographers or you can take a course from one of the websites listed in this post that I share where to find free and paid courses online.

Or you can create graphics with tools like a graphics tablet and free software like Canva or GIMP. 

If you don’t want to take your own photos or don’t have the time or tools to create your own you can find stock photos that are free or you can purchase on the web to use in your business.

After adding images to your blog posts don’t forget to add descriptions for them to help with SEO. Adding descriptions helps search engine crawlers index media content because they don’t see or hear content like humans. I explained a bit about search engine crawlers in an earlier post here.

Free and Paid Stock Photos

However, not all photos or graphics on the internet are free to use and have serious repercussions for using them or altering them for your own use. This article has a lot of great info on image copyright infringement here.

So make sure to read the faqs or any notes with the image that you want to use before you download in case there are any rules or restrictions with said image.

There are other stock photo websites that have a monthly subscription payment plan that has exclusive and high-quality photos. This can attract more people to your blog and social media accounts as they are not overused and seen everywhere else like those that have free stock photos. I can even recognize some of them and where the photo likely came from now πŸ™‚

Here is a list of my favorite stock photo websites:

A website that has hundreds of photos on different subjects and is free to use and alter to your liking. I love the beautiful landscape and nature photos on there.

Ivory Mix 
Kayla Butler of Ivory Mix has feminine stock photos where some are free and others you can purchase from her shop, or you can access through an affordable membership. She has a Facebook group that you can join too and she also listens to your feedback when she asks what kind of new photos her group members would like to see and use.

Here are some of the photos you can find there:

Pixistock by Alicia has feminine stock photos where some are free each month or you can purchase from her shop or access through a paid membership. She has a Facebook group you can join too.

Styled Stock Society
It has both a membership and a shop. You can get some photos free each month or purchase from her shop, or pay for a membership.

SC Stockshop 
Has feminine stock photos, some are free, others you can purchase through the shop.

Rachel Shapiro offers stock photos on Shutterstock.

Creative Market 
It has a lot of awesome photos, graphics, and fonts to choose from. Be sure to check the rules from who you purchase from though, each designer has different rules or restrictions.

I like these metallic textures I purchased from there:

Loading Preview…

Powered by Creative Market 

Mockup Scene Generator

These are kind of fun to use, you can mix and match different objects to create numerous combinations of mockup scenes for your own use.

On a website like Creative Market or Etsy, type in scene creator or mockup scene generator in the search bar and you will find almost everything from kitchenware, interior decor, holiday-themed objects, and things like stationery items. It’s better to purchase them in bundles though than buying each object separately.

Here is an example where I used individual items to create this social media post that I got from Ivory Mix. And below the picture, you will find a small video showing how you can create your own pics in Canva.

To create your own lettering or metallic designs, Abbey Ashley of The Virtual Savvy has a great tutorial in her post here.

Make money selling pictures

If you like taking pictures or creating digital designs, you can make extra money from selling them on websites like Etsy. You can even create monthly subscriptions too for your potential customers.

I haven’t actually done this myself but it is on my list try things out in my business. Someday I would like to create my own photos and sell them in a bundle to make extra income.

I will be continually adding more to this when I research and discover more tools and resources on the web to use for my own business and share here on my blog.

If you have any questions or know of any other paid membership stock photo websites or even have one yourself, let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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