Pinterest SEO tips for Pinterest marketing success

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Pinterest SEO (Search engine optimization) must be at the top of your online marketing strategy. It might seem like you’re nitpicking when it comes to best SEO practices, but it gives you a very powerful bang for your buck. Using good Pinterest SEO tips will ensure that your audience finds you, that the content you create is relevant, and that you do things that advance your goals and do not detract from them. 

Not only can you use SEO for optimizing your website, but you can also use SEO for Pinterest too. Pinterest is more like a search engine itself than just a social media platform to share your content. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms and search engines on the web with over 400 million users a month searching for ideas and inspiration related to their interests.

Here are some Pinterest SEO tips to help you grow your website traffic with Pinterest:

Create a Pinterest business account

First, you will need to create a Pinterest business account or if you have a personal account and are using it to promote your content with you can convert it to a business account. With a business account, which is free, you will have access to analytics, and Pinterest ads, and you will be able to make money either through selling products or through affiliate marketing.

Claim Your Website 

This is a thing that you can do on Pinterest when you have a business account. By claiming your site, you can connect your information together in a way that makes it easier for search engines to locate your content. 

You’ll know when a Pinterest account has claimed their website when they have a checkmark next to their website URL on their Pinterest profile just like in the picture below.

claimed website example on Pinterest

Use Rich Pins

Using rich pins can improve your ranking exponentially. A rich pin can be created for an app, a product, a recipe, or an article. This is helpful for the audience in determining what they’re looking at before they click through. You can learn more about rich pins on Pinterest at this link.

You’ll know when someone is using rich pins when the author is added to the pin like in the image below:

rich pins example on Pinterest

Keyword research

There are a couple of ways you can conduct keyword research for Pinterest SEO, some of them are similar to what you would do keyword research with Google.

Another way is using Pinterest ads in your keyword research. When you click on create an ad, you will not create an ad but test out different keywords and see how many monthly searches it gets.

Use keywords in your username

Using keywords in your username can help your audience find you too, when you type into the search bar on Pinterest, you can filter your search results by pins, boards, or people. You can use keywords beside your username like below:

using keywords in username for Pinterest SEO example

Create Keyword-Rich Pin Descriptions 

When writing descriptions for your pins, think about the point of the pin, the call to action, and the audience looking at it, and make your description with that in mind.

Imagine what your audience would use in the search bar and use the keywords and the terms that they’d search for to find it.

Create Keyword-Rich Board Descriptions

Your boards also have a place to add a description and a title. Make sure that you use keywords and terms that are the point of the board. Name the board a relevant word that describes what’s going to be inside and the point of it.  

Optimize Every Image 

Don’t use just any images on your site or on Pinterest. You want to use high-quality images with the right file name, the right file type, in the right size, for the reason you’re using it.

Check with Pinterest to find out the most up-to-date sizes and information to ensure that your images are optimized for Pinterest.

Ivory Mix has beautiful and high-quality images you can use in creating your Pinterest pins at an affordable paid subscription. She also shares business tips and social media templates to help make social media marketing easier to promote your business.

Create Branded Board Covers 

When you create boards that only you are adding to, creating a branded cover can really help draw attention to that content. It can also help with search engine optimization when you use the right file names and description words.

I use it to help me differentiate my boards from the group boards I’m a part of too.

Save Pins in an Organized Manner 

When you create pins, be sure you have a relevant board to share them with and that you keep them organized.

The way you organize everything makes a difference to your audience and to the search engines because their job is to send their customers the right information.

The more you offer proof that the information is the right stuff to see, the easier it is for search engine technology to help their customers. 

Share Optimized Content from Your Website 

SEO goes all the way to the place where the content originates from. If you optimize the information on your site with Pinterest in mind, you’ll create images in the right size and shape so that sharing there works right away. 

Pin Relevant Content on a Consistent Basis 

The more content you share and pin that has to do with your subject matter and niche, the more it will help with your SEO. The search engines will note that the topic you’re sharing is both relevant and consistent. This makes your content seem more trustworthy. 

It can be difficult to stay consistent with a marketing strategy with our busy schedules nowadays, you can use digital marketing tools to help with your traffic and business growth.

Tailwind is a scheduling tool and official partner to Pinterest. It has really helped grow my traffic with its Tailwind communities feature and I highly recommend getting the paid version of it.

Engage with Your Followers 

Just like using keywords is important, so is engagement. Studies show that engagement is a big factor with search engines and how it ranks your search results. If you want to get recommended more often, show you’re real by focusing on more engagement. 


SEO works on Pinterest just like it does on your website or any other platform. You just need to search for and find the areas that you can optimize to make a difference. From file names to board names, it all works together to create a branded experience for your followers, but you can’t draw them in if you don’t use the Pinterest SEO tips and resources at your fingertips.

Ready to try these Pinterest SEO tips with your Pinterest marketing strategy?

This free SEO checklist below can be used with your Pinterest SEO marketing strategy too!