Here is a huge list of tools and resources that I turn to help me with my website and learn new things in blogging and business.

Please not that this page contains affiliate and referral links, please see disclaimer policy for further information. The resources that have affiliate links or referral links are ones that I personally use and recommend. I would not promote a resource that I dislike or haven’t personally tried.

Blogging or Website building

Bluehost – A popular web host for beginners that is affordable and has good customer service. Their monthly subscription is as low as $2.95/month. So far, I haven’t had any trouble and their customer service was very helpful when I contacted them for assistance.

Siteground – Similar to Bluehost but faster.

A popular blogging system that many people use. There is a free version on the .com website but if you are planning to earn income from your website, it would be best to use the .org website where you will need to purchase web hosting and a domain name.

Online Courses

There are various Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on the internet where you can take a course on almost anything for free. These are the ones that I’ve joined:


Other courses that are not free but found helpful in my work from home journey:

Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant by Tina Marie Hilton on Udemy.

Other Learning Resources

TypingTrainer – I have been using Typing Trainer to improve my typing speed and accuracy. It seems to work since I improved my speed a little and it’s free.

Daily Grammar – I found this website useful in improving my writing and grammar.

Productivity and Organization

Forest – I currently use Forest which is a cute app that is similar to the Pomodoro technique. You set a time for how long you want to work on a task and if you leave the app your virtual tree or plant will die. If you complete your task in the time you set than your plant will grow.

Grammarly – I always proofread what I write but sometimes I miss things like spelling or grammar mistakes but going over what I wrote with Grammarly helps find those mistakes and correct them.

Trello – this is a great tool to use to organize things like the Facebook groups that you are in.

Evernote – I love using this tool when I’m taking notes or taking screenshots of something to save for later. It’s easy to organize and access both on mobile device and computer at the same time.

Loom – I use this tool to create tutorials or to create a small video to help someone with something.

Zoom – Long distance calling can get expensive when conversing vocally with others, Zoom has a free version that you can use to save money on. You can record your meetings as well and create webinars with this tool.

Pocket or Save to Pocket – I bookmark a lot of websites on my computer and keep a lot of tabs open. But it can be a little annoying when I can’t access these on another device since I’ve saved these on my computer. You can use pocket to save articles or websites to look at after on their app or when you are on a computer.


Digital or Graphic Art tools



I have read a couple of ebooks that I discovered from reading my favorite bloggers and found these ones quite helpful:

The Freelancer’s Bible by Sara Horowitz – There is a lot of info in this book on becoming a freelancer.
The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky – teaches you how to be a Virtual Assistant.
How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup

Money Saving Apps and Websites

This is something I’m still experimenting with, after some testing I will add my findings here.


Work From Home Resources

The following websites have lots of tips and info on how to work from home or earn extra income:

Real Ways to Earn Money Online
The Work at Home Woman
Single Moms Income
The Work at Home Wife
Work at Home Mom Revolution

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