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Digital product delivery is the way that you get your digital products like eBooks, software, art, and other products to your customers. How you get it to them depends on many factors, including security, customer preference, and the size of your files.

From Your Website Store

You can add a store to your website easily using what you already have and a payment processor. Just add buy boxes under each product you want to sell on each page where you offer it. For example, using PayPal buy buttons, you can create an automatic system that takes the money and delivers the customer to the download page or triggers email delivery.

A Download Page

You can also simply create a download page, take money through PayPal, Stripe, and even via Facebook’s money transfer offers, then just give them the link to the download page. This is not a secure way to do it, but if you don’t let the download page URL be known to the public and search engines, it works fine.

A Marketplace

You can also use the marketplaces that already exist to upload your product for sale. eBay, Etsy, Amazon Kindle,,, and other places are available for you to upload your products for sale for each payment processing and product delivery.

An eCommerce Website

You can also build an eCommerce site using software like or others to sell your products from your website and make it look like a costly online store just like Amazon. You can also turn your website into an eCommerce site by finding the right plugins to add that creates a secure shopping cart.

A Membership Website

Using a plugin like,, and others to create a membership site is an excellent way to deliver products to your customers. Once they purchase, they are sent access information via email that they can use to sign in at any time to access their product purchases.

Via a Private Group or Forum

You can even sell your products on a Facebook page or group by activating the store feature on Facebook. Various forums also offer features that enable you to sell your products and services via them by just adding an advertisement. You’ll have to deliver the product by hand via an email link or a social media link to the download page.

Via Email

You can also deliver digital products that aren’t too large directly to email. You can set up, for example, platforms like to deliver the attachment straightaway after the payment is received via email, or it can deliver a link to a download page.

You want the delivery of your digital products to be fast, easy, and secure for your customers so that they recommend you and come back for more. These ideas will help you discover what you need.