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Let’s work together to help others find your content with one of the top three search engines on the Internet!

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Why you should grow your business with Pinterest:

  • Pinterest is like a search engine like Google and Youtube.
  • 300 million people use Pinterest every month and 50% are from the U.S.
  • People go there to search for things more than other social media platforms. They are looking for a solution to a problem, inspiration, or to purchase something.
  • You bring awareness to a problem and have a solution to said problem that is either a product or service.
  • You have content that is inspirational and educational that can help others reach their goals.


For Pinterest growth, a 3-month contract will be required as it takes time to see results in social media growth with account reviews, planning, and SEO research and optimization.

Tailwind has a free and paid membership. Tailwind will help with account growth.

Rates are in US dollars. After discussing and agreeing on plan and rates, the invoice will be sent through PayPal or Freshbooks.

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