the art of being shareable, how to get more people to share your content

Ever wonder what makes some Facebook posts, videos, or blogs “go viral,” while yours are lucky to have 7 shares and two comments? While it might seem like some well-kept secret, the truth is it’s easy enough to create shareable content, if you put some thought and creativity into your efforts. 

I noticed that others have been doing the suggested below and have been doing well to have their content shared on social media.

Another tip is being yourself and building trust with your audience. Stay consistent with these tips below, and your content will have more engagement and be shared by others.

Everyone Loves Infographics

Whether you want to know more about how coffee is grown, or you’re looking for ways to boost your blog traffic, you’ll find a variety of infographics to fill you in. 

These colorful, easy-to-read graphics share vast amounts of data while still entertaining an audience. By condensing numbers and stats down to easily digestible bite-sized pieces, you can make valuable information highly understandable for any audience. Even better, your market will be happy to share (and share and share). 

If you’re not artistic, or don’t have the skills required to create your own, you can hire designers from Fiverr and Facebook groups for freelancers and Virtual Assistants.

If you want to make your own you can use a tool such as Piktochart or Canva to quickly make infographics your audience will love. 

**Pro tip: create an embeddable link for your infographic and encourage other blog owners to share it on their sites. You’ll automatically drive traffic from every site that posts your content. 

Create Valuable Posts

Writing a blog post? Don’t just skim the surface of a topic. Dig deep. Provide as much information as you can on the topic. 

Bloggers and other marketers suggest writing short posts of 500 words or long posts of 2,000 words or more. I don’t think there is no real rule of how long the post should be. I think 500 words or more is okay, but anything less than 500 words I think is too short.

And don’t worry about attention spans. Readers have proven they want good info and they don’t mind digging into a long post to find it. 

Use images

Use images in your content or examples of what you are teaching and sharing. It helps your readers have a better understanding of what you are trying to say instead of with just words.

It also helps make your content easier to share on social media sites and Pinterest.

Make it easier for your readers to share

Speaking of making your content easier to share, you can use social sharing tools to help share your content. Sometimes I come across a blog post that I want to share but I don’t because there is no social sharing tool for my favorite social media platform. Or, the image is plain and has no text on it.

Encourage people to comment and share your content

For example, at the end of a blog post, you can ask your readers a question or let them know that they can ask you questions there. And to share your content, you can ask them politely or something like “Enjoyed this content? Please share!”

Let Your Personality Shine

No one wants to read or share another “me too” post. Not you and not your audience. 

What they do want—and what they’ll happily share with their friends and fans—is personality-driven pieces that aren’t afraid to take a stand. 

That’s why coaches such as Kimra Luna and Marie Forleo are so popular. You know, simply by reading their content and watching their videos, that what you see is exactly what you get. Nothing is hidden; there’s no “corporate speak” to be found. 

It’s easy to form a connection with someone like that because you feel like you know them personally. And what do you do with your friend’s content? You share it, of course!

It doesn’t take much to be shareable. Just be yourself, be transparent, and be valuable. In short, just do what you’re already doing, only with a little bit more oomph!

My take on viral content

I don’t create as much content on social media to go viral because I don’t have much time to stay consistent on social media. I’m also an introvert and like to take a break from social media platforms a few times a month (except Youtube to watch educational content). But I have seen others have success implementing these tips in their business.

Which social media platform do you like and use for your business?

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