9 Ways Planners and Journals Help You Succeed in Business

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If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably use a planner or journal to keep track of your business tasks and goals. But do you know why planners and journals are so helpful for business owners and how they can help them succeed? Keep reading to learn more!

By keeping a journal and using a planner of some kind, you’ll ensure that your goals are prioritized in daily actions that lead to success, without needing any type of willpower whatsoever.

Here are 9 ways planners and journals can help you succeed in business:

Stops Procrastination

One reason people procrastinate isn’t even as deep as the underlying fear of success. Most of the time it’s just because they don’t know what to do and they don’t have a clear idea of the order they should do things or why. Creating a journal that describes in detail the deliverables will help you set up the schedule of tasks better.

Reduces Self-Sabotage

When you’re being more mindful, which journaling requires, you will end negative self-talk (and thus, self-sabotage). You’re looking at the results, which are going to be self-motivating and encouraging.

Keeps You on Track

Nothing can keep you on track as much as a good schedule. Taking the time to assess your goals and dreams and how it all works together, along with combining your personal life and business life together, is really the most realistic way to stay on track and experience true time freedom.

Holds You Accountable

Calendars are just tools to remind you of the date. But a real journal and planner are tools that can help you hold yourself accountable if you get into the habit of entering and reviewing the data.

Helps You Prioritize

When you take the time each day to review what you have done, what you need to do, and what is really happening in your real life, it’s going to help you create priorities that really make sense.

Assists with Visualizing Your Goals

Having to write about your hopes and dreams, along with a review of what happened, makes your goals so much clearer. This is especially true if you give yourself permission to imagine the biggest dreams that almost seem impossible (but of course are not impossible if you just follow the steps to get there).

Creates Your Action Steps Naturally

Each day, you’ll want to write a list of issues and challenges as well as deadlines approaching in your journal, which is going to help you organize your planner better. Since life and work life always collide, it seems unnatural to keep everything separate.

Helps You Become Better

Writing about your experiences, even if you just write one-word “bullet” entries, will help you learn from mistakes and success faster because it’ll help you become much more mindful about the effects of each action. Writing down a review of your work or experience is an excellent way to learn from it.

Motivation and celebration

When things get tough and you feel burned out or give up, you can look at your planner and journal for motivation. You’ll see how much work you did and how much you’ve achieved in your business.

You can also look back at your planners and journals and celebrate the goals you’ve achieved in your business.

Types of Planners and Journals

You can use different types of planners and journals in physical form or digital form or both. I use physical planners and journals for my business. I like the ones from the Dollar Store and Staples.


By using a business journal and a planner, you can see very clearly at a glance who your customers are, what your own hopes and dreams are, the problems you address, and the solutions you offer. Then you can use that information to advance your goals each and every day.

Do you use any planners or journals or both to help with your business success?

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