Why You Need to Send More Emails to Your Customers

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When was the last time you sent an email to your customers? If it’s been a while, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect and engage with them. In this post, we’ll discuss why you need to send more emails to your customers and give you some tips for doing so. Stay tuned!

Many new marketers get nervous once they start building their email list and realize they need to start sending emails. They get afraid that their audience will disengage and unsubscribe if they email too much. 

But the truth is, if you have the right audience on your list and the emails you’re sending are high-value, you can email almost every day and it won’t affect anything but your bottom line. 

Here are several reasons to send more emails to your customers:

To Stay Top of Mind

You don’t have long to impress your new subscribers. Therefore, you must send emails to them right away and then keep doing it regularly.

Send messages whenever you have something of value to say to stay at the top of mind with them. When they remember who you are, they’re more likely to keep opening the emails – especially if what you send is worthwhile.  

To Keep Your Subscribers Engaged

Even going a month between emails can cause your customers to disengage. To keep subscribers engaged, send a series of emails to them that keep them knowledgeable and informed about their problems and the solutions you recommend, while also inviting them to join you on social media. 

To Improve List Hygiene

The more emails you send to them that have a call to action and allow your customers to react, the more you can improve your list by keeping it clean. People who never open your emails should be removed. And if you never send any, how do you know what they’ll open? 

You’ll also help keep your email marketing costs low because the more subscribers on your list mean the more you’ll pay for the email marketing tool you’re using. You don’t want to pay for inactive subscribers on your list.

To Encourage Engagement 

Sending emails to your subscribers and inviting them to join you on other platforms will increase engagement. Ask a question and encourage them to answer it in your Facebook group by linking to the discussion to increase engagement. 

To Share a Secret 

Email is the perfect vehicle for sending advance notice of sales, events, and more. You can treat your list like VIPs, letting them in on your launches and other activities before the public. You can also share coupon codes with them that can lead to more sales in your business.

To Make More Sales

Email marketing that includes compelling calls to action will boost your sales exponentially. Some email marketers say that anytime they want to give themselves a raise, they send out a promotion in email, and it happens. If you keep your list healthy, it can happen to you too.

To Acknowledge the Season 

Another thing you can do in email is to acknowledge the seasons of the year and the seasons of life in your emails. Time marches forward, and recognizing that with your email members is a great way to make them feel unique and important. 

I like to send a thank email or create a thank you post for my audience once in a while, thanking them for following and staying on my email list.


To be successful with email marketing, ensure that you understand who your audience is and how your products and services solve their problems and feel great about them. You should not be worried or ashamed about marketing to your audience.

How many emails a week do you send to your email list?

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