Add transcripts with your media content to help improve your SEO

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Did you know you can improve your SEO with transcripts? There are many benefits of transcribing your media content.

In the online business world, podcasts, video content, and blog posts can really help grow traffic to our website and business. But when it comes to podcasts and video content, it can sometimes be difficult to access this content. This is where you need to add transcripts with your media content.

Like when I’m in public or in a place without headphones or a weak internet connection I click away from the video or the podcast and have to wait for another time to learn from the video and audio content that I was interested in. When I’m in a situation like this, a transcript of the media content can help me access the content in another way where I can read what caught my interest at the moment instead of having to wait or most likely forget about the said content.

Adding transcripts to your media content is helpful and people will be pleased that there is another way to access your content. And there are several ways where you can repurpose this content into different products in your business like an ebook or a newsletter. It can even give your SEO a boost resulting in more traffic and better rankings in search engines.

Also, not everyone prefers to access media content on the web the same way as everyone else for various reasons. Some people are more of a visual learner than an auditory learner, some are hard of hearing, and some might not have the device or software to access your media content.

That’s why it’s helpful and useful to have transcripts or closed captioning for your videos, podcasts, and courses you may be offering.

What are transcripts and transcription?

First of all, what are transcription and transcripts? Wiktionary has

“Transcription: The act or process of transcribing. Something that has been transcribed.”
“Transcripts: Something which has been transcribed; a writing or composition consisting of the same words as the original; a written copy. A written version of what was said orally.”

So for example, you can have your video like a Facebook live or Youtube video transcribed into text or to help add closed captioning to your videos. Or you can have an interview or podcast transcribed.

Your audience has different learning styles

There is more than one way in which a person can learn something, different learning styles, but I won’t go into detail on that. Maybe I’ll make a post on different learning styles in the future.

Some people prefer to learn by reading and looking at diagrams, some watch videos that show a detailed step-by-step process of the subject, some listen to podcasts, and some like to learn by DIY.

You can also have your transcripts translated into other languages to help your readers who are from different parts of the world to learn and understand your content.

For example, I like watching movies and TV shows from different parts of the world but I only know English, having English subtitles helps me understand what is going on in the movie or show I am watching.

Some of your audience may have hearing difficulties

You need to remember that there are those with hearing impairment and that you’ll need to provide another way for them to access your content.

Videos and podcasts are becoming more popular these days but sometimes they don’t have transcripts or closed captioning with them which can be frustrating not being able to hear what the speaker is saying.

Improve your SEO with transcripts

Another reason to have transcripts is that it can also improve your SEO (search engine optimization) which can help improve your rankings in search engines and bring more traffic to your website.

Search engine crawlers have difficulty indexing media content to their databases because they cannot see or hear as humans do. They won’t be able to understand what the content is about and will either ignore it or devalue it on the web.

Having transcripts will make it easier for search engine crawlers to index your content when it’s in HTML format.

This will give your SEO a boost in your rankings to get you closer to the first page where the most relevant websites are listed first. This is what you want to aim for with SEO to get more traffic to your blog or website.

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How to transcribe your media content

You can create transcripts yourself or hire someone from a freelancer website or a business that offers transcription services to create them for you.  

If you create them yourself it may take a long time. Creating transcripts is a time-consuming task and is not as easy as it sounds (I’ve tried it). Sometimes there is more than one person speaking at once so it’s difficult to know who is saying what. And it’s not just typing what you hear but using proper grammar and punctuation too.

I like to use Temi to transcribe media content for both my business and clients. It’s fast and affordable, I paid a little under $4 Canadian for a 30-minute audio piece. When you get them though you will need to review them with the audio in case anything is missing or misspelled. It’s not 100% accurate but I still think it’s a great tool to use.

Repurposing your Content

You can repurpose your transcribed content into more content and products to offer in your business. For example, you can create an ebook that you can use for an opt-in to help build your email list.

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Working as a transcriptionist

I have seen a lot of blog posts and videos where people say others can work as a transcriptionist. I tried that and from my personal experience, it is something I would not recommend trying. The pay is very low and trying to transcribe audio content can become boring or too difficult to transcribe.

Conclusion and the benefits of transcription

Adding transcripts to your media content can provide several benefits for you and your followers.

  • It’s helpful.
  • You can transcribe videos.
  • There are benefits to transcribing podcasts
  • people will be pleased that there is another way to access your content that they’re interested in learning from and are more likely to stay and join your email list or share your content.
  • Improve SEO with transcripts that can result in more traffic and better rankings in search engines.
  • You can repurpose your content into different types of content or products.

Do you use transcription in your business?