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There are a lot of great resources to check out when starting on your work at home journey. I spent several months reading and researching and have found these to be really helpful and hope you will find them to be helpful as well.

Working from home or earning extra income online can be overwhelming. You can prepare yourself by reading and learning from the websites below so you know what to watch out for or what is a legitimate opportunity.


Websites that are work at home resources

These websites teach you how to watch out for scams and where to find legitimate jobs, make extra income, or even create your own business from home.

Anna from Real Ways to Earn Money Online
Angie from The Work at Home Wife
Lisa from Work at Home Mom Revolution
Shay from Dream Home Based Work
Holly from The Work at Home Woman
Chris & Mike from Rat Race Rebellion

It may take a while to start earning income but don’t give up.


Websites that help improve its legitimacy

And they have reviews on websites to help you learn more about it.

Glassdoor: if there is survey panel or a website that you’re not sure is legit, Glassdoor will most likely have some information and reviews about it.


Websites to help improve your skills

These websites can help improve your skills. 

Daily Grammar: I find is a great website to brush up on your grammar.
Purdu OWL’s resume’s and vitas, has some good writing tips for resumes’s and cover letters.

Grammarly: is a great tool that you can use to proofread your writing, there is a free version and a paid version.

Typing Master: it has a few other sites where you can check your typing speed and improve your typing speed and accuracy. I personally use Typing Trainer and it’s free.


Free online courses on almost anything

There are websites that have free courses on various subjects like computer programming, accounting, and learning different languages. You can earn a certificate too but have to pay a small fee.

The courses, however, are mostly free and are called MOOCs or massive open online courses. I will have a separate post on MOOCs soon. I’ll have another one on which tools that bloggers and Virtual Assistant’s use too.


Groups and Forums

Another great place to find info, tips, and advice about work at home opportunities are Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and various forums on certain topics like one for transcription.

And you will be conversing and learning with people that have similar interests and goals as you. It’s a little easier having support in your work at home journey than doing everything alone.


I love researching, reading, and learning new things and am happy to share them with you. I hope you found this useful and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

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  1. Great post on guiding newcomers who are just starting their journey with working from home. It definitely can be challenging, but with there websites you provided is a great help for people to check out websites that offer work from home website information.

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